Jeltar 100 bleaching earth

Jeltar 100 bleaching earth is one of the best quality bleaching earths in the whole world. It’s made from the best part of Bentonite mines, after no less than 7 times of washing, to clean the extra sulphuric acid remained from activation and acidification process. This is most of the most important processes in bleaching earth production, it’s essential to control the AnV and PV in the edible oil and prevent the oxidant or color returning.


Jeltar 100 bleaching earth


White or light gray


Almost all kinds of vegetable oil refinery, Soya oil, Corn oil, Sunflower oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Cotton seed oil, Peanut oil, etc.

Bleaching ability

No less than 97.5%

Free acid



No more than 8.5%


5%-10% compared with the oil quantity, mostly depended on the oil quality

Activation Degree

196.36 H+m.mol/kg


Higher bleaching ability

Better absorption ability

Lower additive dosage

Lager surface area

Suitable for most present kinds of oils

Same grade as the top quality clay worldwide


25 kg pp bags with strong inner or 1000kg jumbo bags

20 kg craft bags with PE inner. Could be designed as requested. 23 metric tons net in a 20FCL.


In close dry place, avoid sunshine

Particle Size Distribution

100 mesh (150μm) =99.7%

200 mesh(75μm)=92%

325 mesh(45μm)=77%

400 mesh(38μm)=72%

Filtration Rate

15.73 ml/minute

Oil Retention

3.56%  (Compared with the quantity of bleaching earth in refining process)




Label:  activated bleaching earth Jeltar 100 bleaching earth