Performance Properties of SYKOL Bleaching Earth
栏目:PERFORMANCE 发布时间:2019-05-30
Performance Proporties determines the efficacy.

a. Highly absorption ability, bleaching ability and filtration rate, with lower oil retention and additive volume.

b. Efficiently removing the phosphatide, soap and tiny metal ions in oil or fats, to be the natural anti-oxidant agent.

c. Removing the Aflatoxin, pesticide residues etc toxin and tainting substance away from oil.

d. After purification, the acidic value not rebounding, color not reversing. Clean and pure with stable quality and expend working life.

e. Mostly suitable for mineral oil, vegetable oils, animal’s fats etc.

After the series of acid activation, washing, drying and classifying, SYKOL bleaching earth could be used in oil refining.

The first step is degumming, phosphatide could be removed. With the mechanical force, outer layers of oil fruits consist of phosphatides would be broken and mixed into oil, they would affect the

taste , shelf life and appearance of the oil, it has to add citric and a certain of water to break down the gum and separate them from oil.

Besides gums, dyestuffs and peroxides even heavy metal and residues of crop protection agent may be present.

All those could be removed by SYKOL bleaching earth.

Adding 5%-10% SYKOL bleaching earth compared with untreated oil quantity into vacuum kettle and heat it to 100,keep stirring until the earth entirely dispersing in oil,. Large molecules of

the dyestuffs like carotinoids and chlorophylls as well as crop protection residues could be adsorbed in the interior of bleaching earth particles. Heavy metal was adsorbing on the internal layers

of bleaching earth and replacing the protons while the catalytic decomposition peroxides happens in surface. The binding sites occupied by protons are capable of attacking the oxidant

promoting functional groups of the peroxides and eliminating them while separating off water, thereby preventing the oxidant and avoiding the oil quickly turn rancid.

The last step is deodorization. The remaining free fatty acids and aldehydes were removed under vacuum in steam distillation process, to stabilize the shelf life and taste. The waste fatty acid and

aldehydes could be reused the basic chemicals for various industries.